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One Tap and local professionals are opened up to you. Post a job, hire, track it and mark it complete. Your Local Professional knows exactly what you need. Payment is worry-free.



Quick access to customers in Bermy. Chat with potential customers even when you’re on the move. Managing your jobs and receiving payments has never been easier.

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Local Bermuda Is Local

We’re Local Just Like You

We live, work, and play in Bermuda. So we understand how frustrating it is to search through facebook or the yellow pages to connect with service professionals. It didn’t make sense to us that in this day and age we could not find plumbers and babysitters we would trust to help us with our to-do list. So, we created Local Bermuda. You may wonder:   

– What is local Bermuda?
– What are the benefits of using Local Bermuda?
– What is the Role of Local Bermuda in hiring the right service professional?
– What does Local Bermuda charge? 

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