Welcome to Bermuda’s newest app, Local Bermuda!

Local Bermuda is an app created by Locals for Locals. We created it because we needed a place to connect with others who could use their time and expertise to make our lives easier, better. Local Bermuda is about giving us more of the most valuable resource in our lives – our time. You will know everything about Local Bermuda app here.
Maybe you are like us. We need to get things done and have little time to do them. We have full time jobs (yes this is plural), kids, a side hustle, extended family needs, and more and more stress. We often find that we need more time, or, more help.
Who can teach the kids swimming when our schedule doesn’t match the swimming programme schedule? When can we get a truck to haul away that eye sore in the back yard? Who can we get to fix the window in the living room or the a/c in the bedroom? Who can help us clean out that back room so that we can convert it into something useful?
From St. David’s Island to Ireland Island, we are a small community with lots of busy people and many skilled professionals looking for work. Local Bermuda connects people who can do jobs that we either can’t do or are unwilling to do. This frees up our time so we can focus on what is important to us.
Here’s to productivity and more time with family and friends!

-Your Local Bermuda Support Team

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