When it comes to saving time, being on point, and organized many of us lose our minds by trying to imagine how to achieve this complex and sometimes elusive goal. It can feel like trying to hold sand in your hand. But the truth is, being organized and saving time is just simple math that anyone can achieve.

So we’re presenting you with the ultimate Local Bermuda Guide book that will keep you systemized and your tasks organized. Are you ready to save some time and enjoy the beauty of the our beaches and/or more time with your family?

1. Scheduling – The most important tip is to craft a schedule. This involves making a to do list so you don’t tend to miss out on any important stuff or allow it pile it up at the last moment.

2. Take a Break – Taking time out for leisure activities is another important organizing tip. It keeps one refreshed and lets the brain rejuvenate. Moreover, getting proper sleep is also important, it maintains your metabolic cycle and keeps one enthusiastic throughout the day.

3. Plan Your Outfits – We drain plenty of time on deciding which outfit is the perfect outfit. To get back some of your time in the morning, try pre-organizing your clothes and make sets of your outfits. For wrinkle free clothes you can roll them together and put the sets it in the dresser the same way. The best time todo this is right after you’ve finished washing and drying your clothes. This will help you pick your outfit faster an eliminate the random outfit you wear to work when you run out of time.

4. Meal Planning – The next major tip is making those one pot meals or taking to frozen foods for some quick tasty meals. Here is a link for quick delicious dishes that will save you a lot of time. Pre-designing a menu too is a quick and easy way to save time.

5. Keep Out Rainwater – Keeping the house completely sealed during the rainy season is extremely essential tip. It will make sure no water or dirt enters the house and thus you save some additional post rain cleaning time.

6. Fold Laundry Faster – Below is the video that will help you fold your laundry in the blink of an eye. Save time and spend time enjoying something else later. This DIY cardboard clothes folder is a complete boost to your time management techniques.

7. Beach Go Bag – The next important tip for the Bermuda residents is having a beach bag ready to go that includes all of your beach essentials like sunscreen, giant beach towels, hat, and whatever else you may need. This will remind you to buy out the time to relax. An additional benefit, is you won’t be discouraged to go by thinking of all the things you need to prepare to get to the beach. Just grab and go!

8. Labels and More Labels – Labelling, separating items by categories and storing them may sound a lot of work but this is worth the time investment. Why? Well, later it minimizes your work and your days become super easy and time efficient. You won’t have to look out for items and waste precious time. Let’s use America as a case study. According to PR Newswire, “the average american spends 2.5 days each year looking for lost items.” Who wants to lose that much time looking for items? Not us! So, instead of possibly losing days of your year, try labeling. It will also make cleaning up easy since you already have dedicated boxes and compartments for them.

9. Quick Dry Wet Clothing – Sometimes during the rainy season, or after a beach dip, you have wet clothes which need to be dried quickly. Here’s an effective tip to quickly dry a clothing item or bathing suit:
Lie the towel down on a flat surface then place the wet clothing on top. This works best when you’re drying one large item or two small ones. Roll the towel up with the clothing inside. Fold and squeeze it and leave it for five minutes and Voila! The excess water is gone and your clothing is pretty dry. If you need to repeat the process for heavier or larger clothing items, you can repeat the process with another dry towel.

These are just a few tips to help keep you well organized and time efficient. Try them out and let us know if it worked for you. Feel free to leave comments or contact us directly.

We hope you have fun enjoying the time you save!