Creating a Home Office in a Small Space

For those of us who are working from home, Heather Chilvers has contributed an article to help us create a home office space we can be comfortable in. This may be a bit of a challenge when space is limited. So, continue reading below for ideas. Perhaps this could be your project for the [...]

May Mental Health Awareness & COVID-19

May is Mental Health Month. With this in mind, Cathy Sousa MSEd. PMC CCTP has written an article to highlight the importance of Mental Health and the significance of taking care of our minds and bodies to deal with and to prevent potential problems. Welcome, Cathy to Local Bermuda News and thank you for your contribution! [...]

Creating Your Ideal Outdoor Entertainment Space Post COVID-19

Hello everyone, we hope you're enjoying your weekend. Here's another delightful article from Heather Chilvers! Now that we can have small gatherings with the ones we love, Heather's post gives us a few ideas of how we can transform outdoor spaces to host our loved ones. Heather is amongst Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty's. leading Sales [...]

6 Tips to Stay Active and Stay Fit as Bermuda Moves to New Normal

Happy Friday Everyone!  Thank you to all essential workers, especially those in Healthcare and Government, who are fighting and leading us through this crisis. As we look forward to being able to gather with friends and family tomorrow, we still have limitations on day-to-day activities. In the future, Phase 3 allows us to go [...]

Bermuda and Good Friday in the time of COVID-19

Good Friday the Bermudian Way On Good Friday I experienced a time-honored Bermuda tradition experienced every Good Friday by many Bermudians across the island, every year.  A beautiful, multicoloured hummer gracefully rode the light breeze overhead, repeatedly diving and soaring until a final nose-dive and crash, straight into the power lines over my neighbor’s home.  [...]

Social Distancing in Bermuda in the time of Covid-19

Changing the Way We Live By now, we all understand that social distancing will save lives in Bermuda during this time of Covid-19/the new Coronavirus. Epidemiologist (Dr. Arindam Basu), explains social distancing as “a way of creating a barrier of physical distance between two or more people so that the transmission of virus can be [...]

Hygiene is King: Bermuda and COVID-19

Stay Home Bermuda to Fight COVID-19 As hand sanitizers and toilet paper runs (pun intended) in short supply, we have been preparing for the COVID-19 crisis in Bermuda and hoping that, like a wayward hurricane, it passes us by quickly. In the meantime, as we are re-learning how to wash our hands and being reminded [...]

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