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Creating a Home Office in a Small Space

For those of us who are working from home, Heather Chilvers has contributed an article to help us create a home office space we can be comfortable in. This may be a bit of a challenge when space is limited. So, continue reading below for ideas. Perhaps this could be your project for the [...]

Creating Your Ideal Outdoor Entertainment Space Post COVID-19

Hello everyone, we hope you're enjoying your weekend. Here's another delightful article from Heather Chilvers! Now that we can have small gatherings with the ones we love, Heather's post gives us a few ideas of how we can transform outdoor spaces to host our loved ones. Heather is amongst Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty's. leading Sales [...]

Tips to Prepare your Homes in Bermuda During Lockdown – Heather Chilvers

Local Bermuda was born out of our love for our homes, love for our community and a desire to keep us connected together. In line with our mission, we have reached out to local businesses and asked them to share their thoughts on various subjects with you. Today, we are pleased to introduce to [...]

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