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Social Distancing in Bermuda in the time of Covid-19

Changing the Way We Live By now, we all understand that social distancing will save lives in Bermuda during this time of Covid-19/the new Coronavirus. Epidemiologist (Dr. Arindam Basu), explains social distancing as “a way of creating a barrier of physical distance between two or more people so that the transmission of virus can be [...]

Hygiene is King: Bermuda and COVID-19

Stay Home Bermuda to Fight COVID-19 As hand sanitizers and toilet paper runs (pun intended) in short supply, we have been preparing for the COVID-19 crisis in Bermuda and hoping that, like a wayward hurricane, it passes us by quickly. In the meantime, as we are re-learning how to wash our hands and being reminded [...]

Is it Okay to Pee in the Ocean?

When I was a child, someone once told me that if I peed in the ocean, it would attract sharks. Through much of my childhood, Jaws and its many sequels came out. This was before we saw people swimming with sharks and understood their majesty. Back in those days, even the imaginary thought that a [...]

10 Surprising Life Lessons – Continued

Thank you for coming back to find out what else I learned from the Bermuda 10K!  In case you missed it,  Part I of this article series reviewed five lessons I learned from the 10K: It's all about the store that we tell ourselves! "This hill is stupid." "Walking a mile in someone else's shoes Even [...]

10 Surprising Life Lessons from Running the 2020 Bermuda Race Weekend 10K

“Don’t come last!”,  thus yelled one of my unhelpful offspring as I dashed out the door. I was making my way to the National Stadium for the Bermuda Triangle Challenge 2020 race weekend’s 10K. He was only sort of joking. When I reached the starting line I just kept walking back: I went past the [...]

All of our Public and Political Dialogue should be modeled on Christmas messages

Did you read or watch the Christmas messages? You know, the ones from all the people in charge. Since one of my children woke me up before dawn on Christmas Day because, of course, presents are involved, and I couldn’t get back to sleep, I read some of the Christmas messages. They were pretty good.  [...]

A Free Upgrade, Because I Live In Bermuda

I had a reservation for a small compact car. It was all I needed. Ever since we found out that on a Bermuda license we can only rent from certain car rental agencies in Boston and maybe other rental agencies in other states will follow the same Boston restrictions, I have been a bit nervous [...]

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