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How to Meet New People in Bermuda

Whether you’re a local professional looking to expand your social circle or a brand new expat arrival, Bermuda is a great place to meet new people. Bermudians are a friendly, outgoing, and downright charming bunch. You can find yourself getting into a deep conversation within no time of meeting someone new. In fact, Bermuda is [...]

Quick Guide on how to Choose the Perfect Spa

Pampering yourself has always been a good way to manage stress. Many of us see spa therapy as a respite from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives in Bermuda. A day trip to a spa can instantly improve our sense of well-being, and even help us cope with mental or physical concerns. Here [...]

How to Keep Mold Away – Part 1

Mold is crucial for the decomposition of organic matter in nature and is bad when it breeds undetected in your home. Have you given consideration and thought to the possibility that mold could be growing growing in your home? If yes, its best to prevent mold before it causes bigger problems down the line. This [...]

Best Places for Meditation and Relaxation

All of us have a pretty non-stop lifestyle and each one of us needs, at some point or other, a relaxing getaway. But when you live in Bermuda, you're in a place where everyone else comes to take a vacation. What can you do to get away and relax? Now that you’ve read the Local [...]

Bermuda Guide Book for Organization and Time Management

When it comes to saving time, being on point, and organized many of us lose our minds by trying to imagine how to achieve this complex and sometimes elusive goal. It can feel like trying to hold sand in your hand. But the truth is, being organized and saving time is just simple math that [...]

Local Bermuda Guide Book to Cleaning on a Rainy Day – Part 2

Our island becomes more beautiful and alluring during the rainy season. But, we literally need to rain check our homes and cars. So, to continue our discussion, we present to you part two: Local Bermuda Guidebook - Cleaning on a Rainy Day. Certainly the rainy season doesn't have to decrease our productivity. So, here are [...]

Local Bermuda Guide Book to Cleaning on a Rainy Day – Part 1

Rain can be fun and refreshing but when you're living in a place prone to rain it can become a chore and add to your to-do list. Generally our Bermuda weather is always pleasant but we know to expect rain during the June to September time-frame in Bermuda. Rain brings along a little extra cleaning [...]