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All of our Public and Political Dialogue should be modeled on Christmas messages

Did you read or watch the Christmas messages? You know, the ones from all the people in charge. Since one of my children woke me up before dawn on Christmas Day because, of course, presents are involved, and I couldn’t get back to sleep, I read some of the Christmas messages. They were pretty good.  [...]

A Free Upgrade, Because I Live In Bermuda

I had a reservation for a small compact car. It was all I needed. Ever since we found out that on a Bermuda license we can only rent from certain car rental agencies in Boston and maybe other rental agencies in other states will follow the same Boston restrictions, I have been a bit nervous [...]

Let’s Stop Calling It Global Warming

This year’s hurricane season has got me thinking a lot about the fragility of our environment and especially global warming. This is Not Global Warming There is an old fable describing the death of a frog by boiling. The idea is that if a frog is put into boiling water, it will jump out. However, [...]

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

Yesterday, I did something that I’ve never done because I believed there was nothing to fear. So it was not a surprise that I saw something that I’ve never seen. I’m pretty sure, almost positive actually, that I saw a small shark in the ocean yesterday. Yesterday morning, I woke to the most beautiful sunrise [...]

Delightful Deliveries of Dorian Donations

I'm proud to be part of a community that gathered together to deliver donations to many who were affected by Hurricane Dorian.  The satellite pictures below show parts of the Bahamas after the horror that Dorian wrecked on the island. The obliteration and human toll is staggering: Bermuda Helps with Dorian Donations The response from [...]

The Week’s Weather

Weather in Bermuda is often unpredictable and astonishing! This week, the weather was especially fascinating. On Sunday, many people saw this amazing waterspout off the North Shore of the island:   Picture from 441photo, posted by Daren Heyliger On Monday, the weather was postcard-like, a visually Bermudaful day, from the brilliant sunrise (picture below taken by [...]

Cup Match: It was a draw, but is that bad?

Even though Cup Match was weeks ago, today I saw at least four cars still flying their blue and blue or red and blue flags. It got me thinking about Cup Match, most definitely a highlight of the summer, if not the year. This year, post Cup Match commentary continued for at least a week [...]

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