As you know, Bermuda is one of the most densely populated archipelagos in the world. However, it is also a place with one of the most scenic locations that you can’t help but stop and gaze at them. Our Bermy has immense natural beauty and a wide range of adventure activities to indulge in. You can go trekking, swimming or rafting. But today let’s explore one avenue of how to spend your free time by hiking in Bermuda. Our country has a lot of scenic features such as caves, narrow passageways, forests as well as nature trails. Now that you have read our article on time management, you will have plenty of time to go hiking with family and friends. So we have zeroed in on some destinations where you can go hiking. We hope you have a memorable time and and take home precious memories.

1. Bermuda Railway Trail

This trail is one of the most renowned hiking trails in Bermuda. This was originally a railway path which used to run from east to west. This is an 18-mile long route. You can not only walk but also take your cycles along and ride your horse along the route. Some of the standout features of this hiking expedition include scenic forests, enchanting bays, the ever refreshing meadows on the side and the bantering and chattering of the birds.

2. Cooper’s Island Natural Reserve

For those of you who have gone for a visit to St. David’s Lighthouse or those who are in and near St. David’s, this one is a must go for you. Well, this reserve is at the south-eastern tip of St. David’s. It is beautifully situated between two shallow water beaches –the Turtle Beach and the Clearwater Beach. Cooper’s Island Natural Reserve is the perfect place to be in if you’re an avid nature lover as it brings forth a wide array of attractions such as lush green plantations, various kinds of birds and to top all that, a majestic view of the Castle Harbour. So all in all, it proves to be a great hiking destination for nature lovers.

3. Hog Bay Park

This one can be dubbed a vintage destination as it gives you an impression of what our country used to be a century back. It consists of farmlands stretching far and wide and forested areas too. Hog Bay Park finds a special mention for those of you who are enthusiastic bird watchers. You’ll get to see some of the rarest species of birds you have ever come across. Once you get through the forested areas onto the west side, you will get an enchanting view of the coastline and the beach. So you must go hiking here if you love the birds and the beach.

4. South Shore Park

As you know, this is a hiking destination exclusively on the Bermuda shoreline. It is a 1.25-mile walk along the shore where you get an amazing view of the blue ocean. You can either take the trail at the upper level or walk along the shore with the water flowing over your feet to and fro. Choose this destination if you just love the intoxicating fragrance of the shore and get going.

This is only a brief list of spots where you can go hiking in your free time. But we hope you’ve seen how easy it can be to short break to rejuvenate yourself before getting back to your busy schedule.