The-Blind-Pig-Cocktail-Co---local-bermudaIn continuation of last month’s blog, Bermuda’s premium cocktail company The Blind Pig is back with their second instalment of “How to Cocktail”. Their fantastic tips in first part kept us chilled in the heat of high summer, and they’ve been styling out the hot weather on their incredible cocktail cruises, hosted on a Rising Son catamaran.

If you feel a wave of FOMO coming on, don’t worry, you can still book tickets for their next cocktail cruise event on September 18th.

In the meantime, read on to discover pro-bartender tips and hacks for creating your own sweet, fruity and creamy cocktails. Take it away, The Bling Pig!

In the second part of this “How To Cocktail” guide the multi-award-winning bartenders of The Blind Pig Cocktail Co., Bermuda’s premium cocktail catering company guide you through the final steps to making delectable drinks from the comfort of your own home.
Ready to cocktail? let’s jump on in!

What’s in an ingredient?

We’re going back to the “4 pillars” of building a cocktail, as covered in Part 1, and address the final step, “Sweet”.*

The 4 pillars of a cocktail:
– Strong
– Weak
– Sour
– Sweet

An essential base ingredient, and an easy way to introduce different flavours, is Simple Syrup.
To make a Simple Syrup, mix equal parts of water and caster sugar. Bring the water to a boil, add the sugar and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Add a dash of neutral grain spirit (such as Vodka) to act as a preservative, keep refrigerated and this should last for 6-8 weeks.

Once you got this staple down, you can modify as you wish. Want a richer flavour Simple Syrup? Swap out the caster sugar for Demerara sugar, to add a caramel note to drinks like the Old Fashioned.
Want to do a twist on a cocktail, by introducing a new flavour? The easiest way to do this is throw in your ingredient of choice (say Hibiscus, or Rosemary) into the boiling water and voila! homemade infused syrup for your own creative drink.

Feeling fruity? Raid your fridge for jam and dilute with boiling water for an instant delicious syrup.
Or, add herbal teabags to the boiling water as you make the simple syrup and you’ve got yourself a herbal infusion. Your only limit is your imagination!

Ok, so you’ve chosen your alcohol, you’ve got your sour, you’ve got your sweet and you’re getting ready to add it all to the shaker and make your drink. There is a final ingredient that can really make your drink stand out and add that wow factor… egg white is an ingredient that many people are a little fearful of. But it truly is a game-changer that has been used in cocktails for over 150 years!
Egg whites get a bad press and people are concerned about using raw egg in a drink. But this is really a hangover from the salmonella issue that effected raw eggs in Europe in the early 90’s.

Egg whites give the cocktails a smoother texture and soften the acidity that comes from the citrus, without changing the flavour profile of the drink. By increasing the texture, the egg white gives the flavours of the cocktail longer to stay on your palette, so that your taste buds have time to appreciate them. It also gives the drink a wonderful foam on top, ideal for floating a garnish or going that extra step and adding some Angostura bitters art!

If the idea of cracking a raw egg into your cocktail doesn’t do it for you, you can buy pasteurised egg whites from the grocery store. The pasteurised is Blind Pig’s preferred choice as it is also scentless and undetectable in the drink. For a vegan alternative to egg white, try Aqua Fabba (chickpea brine), which will add a subtle earthy saltiness, or pineapple juice is a great option if you want to add that viscosity and foam to a drink while giving a delicious fruity/tiki flavour to your drink.

Adapting to change

COVID has forced all of us to change our routines, and businesses such as The Blind Pig Cocktail Co. have been hit hard with the loss of their busy summers season of private and corporate parties, weddings and anniversaries.

But you can’t keep a good thing down and the team have adapted their service to help keep people entertained, including:
– virtual happy hours and cocktail classes
– Pre-batched cocktails for at-home events
– Full bar and party setups, available with or without bartenders (cocktails can be pre-batched for ease)

And most excitingly, they have now partnered with some of the local charter boats on the island to offer booze cruises!

It’s a 2 hour all you can drink cruise around The Sound. The cocktails will be themed around Goslings Rum, as well as offering delicious wine and beers.

Tickets can be purchased at the following link:

There will be more booze cruises taking place over the summer season, so follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with everything!

About The Blind Pig

Founded in 2017 the Blind Pig Cocktail Co. is the result of the shared vision and passion of founder Somers Carr and co-owner Matt Francis.

The Blind Pig Cocktail Co. offers Bermuda a high-end catering service specializing in fully customised craft cocktails, alongside full bar service including wine and beer. Relax happy in the knowledge that Bling Pig have got your event libations handled; from creating a bespoke and personalised drink menu to serving drinks that will delight your guests. No detail is overlooked from beautiful glassware to best quality ingredients, professional staff, purpose- built bar rental and retro bar décor!

Somers has been in the hospitality industry for 13 years, working in countries all over the world and is a familiar face behind the bar back home in Bermuda. Having honed his craft in the lively bar scene of Edinburgh, Matt has competed in cocktail competitions both on the island and internationally and notably has won:

  • Stoli Bermuda Cocktail Master 2015
  • Goslings Best Bartender 2016
  • Bacardi Master Bartender 2018 & 2019.

Facebook Page:
Instagram Page:

A huge thank you to The Blind Pig for their contribution to our blog this week. They’ll be back for their final installment next month answering every Bond fan’s question: what exactly is the difference between shaken and stirred?

If you can’t wait till then to find out, don’t forget you can ask the masters themselves on their cruise on Friday 18th September. You can book tickets for the event here.

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