Whether you’re a local professional looking to expand your social circle or a brand new expat arrival, Bermuda is a great place to meet new people. Bermudians are a friendly, outgoing, and downright charming bunch. You can find yourself getting into a deep conversation within no time of meeting someone new. In fact, Bermuda is regularly listed as one of the friendliest countries in the world!

But where should you go to meet all these incredible people? We’ll let you in on our top tips for meeting and mingling in Bermuda.

Expats Planning to Meet New People

Bermuda has a strong expat community. Bonding with other expats over your shared experience is worthwhile and may be important to you, but if you make the extra effort to assimilate with Bermudians it will make Bermuda feel all-the-more like home. As far as possible we’re including suggestions for places that are authentically Bermudian, where both expats and locals are welcome.

Pubs and Bars

Expats from ol’ Blighty will fit right in and feel at home at one of Bermuda’s many pubs. Most serve up Bermudian cuisine which is a mix of classic British pub grub and Caribbean flavour. So grab a pint, perch on a stool and hang out with the expats and locals that frequent these establishments. 

Woody’s Sports Bar

This place scores 10/10 for atmosphere, and despite also being popular with tourists (perhaps owing to its location) it’s still buzzing with Bermudian spirit and plenty of locals. Cocktails, beer, and food are all reasonably priced. On warm evenings, head to their outside terrace for live sports screenings in the summer and bond with fellow football fans.

Henry VIII Restaurant and Bar

Since it opened its doors in 1970, Henry VIII has been a favourite amongst locals and expats alike. Head there at the weekend for their live music events. It’s particularly popular with the expat crowd. 

The Hog Penny

The Hog Penny is a popular hangout spot at weekends. Live music, pub quizzes, they’ve even had a karaoke season! A great place to break the ice and expand your social circle. 


Throughout the year, Bermuda plays host to a large variety of events. Whatever your interests you’re bound to find an event where you can meet like-minded people. Take a look at the annual events listed below, and check out nothingtodoinbermuda.com which also includes one-off events in Bermuda.


Taste of Bermuda Weekend – October
Formerly known as city food festival, the newly branded Taste of Bermuda Weekend includes live cooking and bartending demos and competitions.

Bermuda Restaurant Weeks – January
Across the island, restaurants offer unbeatable deals and memorable culinary experiences to celebrate Bermuda’s food scene


Bermuda Triangle Challenge – January
The three-day running challenge consists of 3 races over one weekend days. This is a race for keen runners only! Choose between the Half Bermuda Triangle Challenge (1mile, 10k, half marathon) and a Full Bermuda Triangle Challenge (1 mile, 10k full marathon). Meet like-minded runners at the ceremonies. 

Bermuda Triple Challenge – March
Not to be confused with the Bermuda Triangle Challenge, the Bermuda Triple Challenge takes place over a week of fun. It consists of three obstacle courses across different iconic and culturally significant venues. There’s an afterparty to celebrate the end of the week, where you can mingle with your fellow challengers.

Dark ‘n Stormy World Par 3 Championship
Golfing enthusiasts and world-class golfers alike commune to try their hand at this the 36-hole stroke play individual competition in Turtle Bay.

Cup match & Emancipation Day Celebrations – Late July/August
The cup match is about way more than just cricket and we even considered placing this festival under the arts and culture category. Bermudians take their cricket seriously, so much so that the 2 day Cup Match between St George’s and Somerset triggers a whole other set of events in the immediate aftermath. Including:

  • Cup Match Fever, the official after-party and concert.
  • Bacchanal Run (which is more of a messy and colourful parade/ street dance party than a run)
  • Non-Mariners water raft-up, where non-mariners cobble together barely floatable rafts and partake in “non-race” as a fun experiment to see who can sink the fastest.

Yacht Races Meet fellow sailors in BermudaOf course, how could you be in Bermuda and not be aware of the Yachting scene. Just in case you need a refresher, here are a few of the yachting events throughout the year:

Arts and Culture

Bermuda International Film Festival – March Celebrate international auteurs at BIFF. Be on the lookout for news about the events surrounding the postponed 2020 Bermuda International Film Festival which has been known to attract some pretty impressive stars.

Harbour Nights –  April to September Hump day comes alive from April to September in the city of Hamilton as each Wednesday night artisans and food trucks line Hamilton Harbour until sundown when live events and expositions take their place – a great place to get talking to some new and inspiring people in Bermuda.