Mold is crucial for the decomposition of organic matter in nature and is bad when it breeds undetected in your home. Have you given consideration and thought to the possibility that mold could be growing growing in your home? If yes, its best to prevent mold before it causes bigger problems down the line. This blog will help you to identify mold and how to prevent mold from growing in your house.

What is Mold?

Mold is an organism that is a part of the fungi family, and is neither a plant nor an organism. It eats the material that it grows on such as soil, wood, carpet, paper, clothes and food as well. Mold’s role is to break down decaying organic matter such as dead plants, leaves and dead animals. Since there’s no dead animals or leaves in your house, I’m sure Mold is just as unwanted in your home as it is in ours.

How to prevent Mold from growing?

Now that we’re in agreement that we do not want mold in our homes, how to we keep it out? It’s humid here in Bermy and mold can grow in many places. Having mold inside the house poses health risk for the family members. Hence, it is important to prevent mold in the house for the safety of our families. Controlling mold can be as simple as controlling moisture and humidity in the house.

Let us see some of the ways we can help prevent mold from getting into our homes:

1. Increase the flow of air within your home

Allowing cross ventilation within your home and letting air circulate all around is a great way to suppress mold from making place in your house. Moving the furniture a bit away from the wall, opening the doors of the closet and opening the house windows are a few things that you can do. At times, lean more towards open windows rather than air conditioning to allow plenty of fresh air to circulate inside the house to help prevent mold.

2. Drying and Cleaning Surfaces

Surfaces like the bathroom floor or the sink are a couple of favorite dwelling places of mold since they tend to be wet most of the time. To help prevent mold, it is best to keep such surfaces clean and do not forget to dry them completely. A vapor steam cleaner is considered the strongest method of disinfecting.

3. Fix plumbing issues at the earliest

Plumbing faults like leaking pipes and other such issues need to be addressed at the earliest. A leaking pipe can travel much deeper than what is visible on the outside. Such issues often get neglected giving way to molds to creep in easily.

4. Make sure to store items only after drying them completely

Clothes, towels and other items that you store in the closet or storage should be dried completely. Dry them outside in open air or in the house where air circulates. Things that you store without completely drying will surprise you with mold the next time you remove them out.

5. Food Check

The most dangerous place mold can grow on is your food items. Ensure to keep your food fresh by checking it often. Get rid of food items that show slightest sign of mold. There can be nothing more hazardous than consuming mold laden food.

6. Repair/Clean roof gutters

A leaking roof due to damaged gutter can easily be the breeding place for mold. Getting the roof and gutters cleaned at regular intervals and ensuring timely repairs will help in keeping mold at bay.

how to prevent mold

7. Keep the mold off household plants

Undoubtedly; plants help in keeping the air fresh. You may love having small plants around the house or even inside. But, remember, mold loves plants too. The wet soil is the favorite place of the mold to grow.

Being educated about the places and conditions in which mold grows can help you in keeping mold away from your home. This article is aimed at providing useful tips and tricks to help you keep mold away from your home. The next article cover specific places where mold loves to grow and how you can combat them. So, keep reading!