A Necessary Evil – To-Do Lists

Do you have a Bermuda app for completing you to-do list? In this era of technology where everything is available at the snap of your fingers, it has become an utmost comfort for us to find what we need on our phones. It makes getting things done in our lives easier. But when it came to finishing our to-do lists, it was not that same for us here in Bermuda.Even though we are a close knit community, there is still a problem in locating local professionals like plumbers, babysitters, mold remediation experts, carpenters etc. Thus, we saw a need to craft a solution to this particular problem.

Local Bermuda App and the Bermudian Way

So, we got to work on an app for Bermy: Local Bermuda. Many of you know that connecting with service professionals isn’t as easy as it should be in Bermuda. We have tried everything including Facebook pages (we love Maj’s list by the way), personal recommendations, as well as the Yellow Pages. So, we decided to fuse technology with the directory. Because of our fusion of what we use and what we need, out came an app that connects you to local professionals. You can also find restaurants, cafes, bars, doctors, caterers, landscapers etc.

local-bermuda-is-localThis app is a great help to those of us who are looking for professionals to get a job done as well as service providers looking for customers but find it hard to identify people who need their services.

Local Bermuda News 

This app also connects you to our community blog, Local Bermuda News. We provide helpful information such as mold remediation and maintenance during the rainy season and how to better manage our time. We want to create an atmosphere were all of Bermuda is connected by one app and can share tips on easy ways to clear out our to-do lists. Local Bermuda is a complete package for all the residents of Bermy with life hacks, tips, and tricks to manage your life in our beautiful island. So, connect and submit your stories and tips here!

Through out app, one can readily interact with Bermy Pros around the different parts of our island.  All the service professionals (or job opportunities for the seekers) are located for you in one place. Additionally, it’s easy to find the places near you to hangout and activities you can do around your Parrish. This app’s basic motive is to make is easy for Bermuda residents to get things done. Also, we want to help you to easily connect with service professionals in your Parrish. With this one application you have a complete Bermy guide in your hand.

Get Help with Your To-Do List 

For all those struggling to complete your to-do lists in Bermuda, this app is the key to free up time for the things that matter the most. Because our company is local (we hail from Hamilton!), we understand your concerns. They are our concerns too. This app will be available both on Android and iOS for your convenience.

Ready to make completing your to-do lists easier? Here’s what you do: Register today to receive a notification when it’s available for your Parrish. We can’t wait for you to enjoy our app and remember to tell your friends and family that Local Bermuda is coming to them soon!