Spring Cleaning Tips – How to Organize Your Kitchen

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Spring Cleaning Tips – How to Organize Your Kitchen

Phasing to our new normal here in Bermuda is right on time for us to enjoy our springtime traditions and the natural beauty we look forward to each year. Our guest contributor, Jenee Paynter from OHM, joins our platform to discuss tips to organizae and declutter an area we love to spend time in…the kitchen!

OHM – Organized Home Management provides consultancy and organizing services should you need that extra hand in getting things done. Also, they can set you on the track on how to get it all started. Remember to like and OHM on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.  Welcome, Jenee and thank you for your contribution!

– Stay Safe Bermuda!

Organize. Declutter. Release. Cleanse.

Good day my organizing friends. Spring season is already in flight and it’s the perfect time to organize and declutter your space. Research has shown that a clear and organized space helps to clear your mind and cleanse your spirit.  This is a great time to release what no longer serves you and open up for new blessings.  Also to “out with the old and make way for the new”.

In this post we will start with the kitchen, which is more often then not the hub and heart of the home, as well as the point of entry. Clearing this space allows for creativity, cleanliness, and a welcome space for you and your guests. A calm entry can set the tone for your gatherings.

1. Purpose

Each cupboard should serve an individual purpose. For instance, one for pots and pans, one for storage Containers, silverware drawer, a serving dish cupboard, etc. Of course this depends on the amount of space you have. But, you can still be sure to store like items together in all cases.

2. Discard

Get rid of what no longer serves you. Donate items in pristine condition which you have not or will not use but will better serve someone else. Other items which are used and worn should be thrown in the garbage. Stained plastic with no lids, lids with no bottoms, rusty pots, cracked and chipped plates and glasses are good examples of items to discard.

3. Compartmentalize

Compartmentalize smaller items. Buy a tray to organize silverware. Look online for storage hacks and items to purchase for organization. Even your odds and ends (junk) should be contained to 1 space.  Designate a space for items and only store what can fit in the space. Excess should be discarded.

4. Declutter

Throw away extra bags, empty cardboard food boxes and cleaning supply containers that are no longer in use. Declutter!  Transfer staples like rice, pasta, flour and sugar to canisters (preferably glass) so that they can be monitored and to cut back on waste.

5. Organize

Rearrange your pantry and/or food storage cupboards. First start by discarding out-of-date food items and spices. Check the dates and smell for freshness. Again storing and organizing like with like makes for easy excess and visual. Cans stored together, boxes, spices, snacks etc should be grouped.

 6. Flow

Reassess the flow of your kitchen.  When cooking are your tools ie. fridge, pantry, spices and cooking tools within easy reach of your stove. Your cooking “triangle” should flow and everything you need should be easily in reach without obstacles.

 6. Cleanse

As you go through the clearing process it is important to take the time to disinfect and throughly clean. Scrub away the residue of days past, and “Spring into the fresh new era”. If inclined, this time presents a good opportunity to Sage or clear with Palo Santo or other forms of clearing.

I hope that the above tips are useful. Contact OHM on 505-3894 to inquire about rates and availability.


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