Pampering yourself has always been a good way to manage stress. Many of us see spa therapy as a respite from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives in Bermuda. A day trip to a spa can instantly improve our sense of well-being, and even help us cope with mental or physical concerns. Here is a quick guide in choosing the perfect spa in Bermuda.

  1. Know what you need

    There are a lot of options when it comes to spa therapy—body massages, foot detoxification, facials, body scrubs, you name it. It’s easy to get lost and feel overwhelmed with a lot of options spa salons offer. How can you avoid that feeling of the walls closing in? Simply identify what your desired outcome is. Do you want to feel relaxed? Are your muscles sore? Do you want a smoother, tighter facial skin? Let it be known what you need, then find the right service for you.

  2. Know what to expect

    The list of available spa treatments can be very long. A quick rundown of basic services you can find are:

    • Massage
      This is, arguably, the most popular spa treatment and many options are available depending on your goal. Top kinds of massage therapy include Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Shiatsu. They all promote relaxation but each is executed with varying techniques. Swedish is more common in the West, where oil is used to perform circular strokes against your muscles, aiming to release built-up tension. This is typically for your entire body.Deep Tissue massages, on the other hand, focus on your problem areas. Still using oil, the therapist usually uses his/her knuckles, elbows, and fingers when executing the therapy. Developed in the East is the Shiatsu massage where finger pressure is applied to muscles, promoting a better blood flow in your body. You can also ask for aromatherapy massages and specialty massages like a Thai massage that is quickly gaining popularity globally.
    • Body wraps
      A lot of spas have started offering body wraps in the promise of clearing the skin or even weight reduction. These weight reduction body wrap treatments are usually combined with heat therapy to further burn fats.
    • Facial
      Cleaning off blackheads, and other skin impurities, and making the skin softer are some of the benefits of getting a facial spa treatment. This is usually done by using gentle-on-skin cleansers like tea tree oil, aloe vera extract, etc.
  3. Know your therapist.

    There are a lot of advantages if you employ the same therapist for your usual spa treatments. It makes you more comfortable over time as you know what to expect. Moreover, he or she can also track progress or differences in your body. For example, they can note how your calf muscles are particularly tighter than the previous week, or changes in your posture.

    Finding the right one for you can be done through open communication with potential therapists. Be clear with them with what your objectives are, how much pressure works for you, where your injuries are, and other concerns.

  4. Know more about the spa establishment

    Spa treatments are very personal, thus it helps that you know about the cleanliness of the spa in general, how its bathrooms are maintained, and if there is running water, available soaps, or fresh clean towels. Also check if there are other facilities and perks that they offer to make the most out of your visit, like sauna baths, free snacks, and the like.

A personal visit before you book is a must. If you do not have time, you can check online about their ratings and reviews from previous customers.

For those who do not have time to go to the spa,, Local Bermuda helps you book a therapist in the convenience of your own home.