What if for a year, this year, we chose to really listen to what our neighbours believe and why?

What if all the comments at the bottom of The Royal Gazette and Bernews news stories were positive?

What if we each believed that the village that it takes to raise a child was the whole village located at 32 degrees North, 64 degrees West?

What if no children went hungry in Bermuda?

What if the news was less about what politicians say and more about the good that all of us do?

What if no one on the island ran out of money before their bills were paid?

What if we, together, protected our environment so that we left cleaner, more pristine surroundings for our children to live in?

What if we who live here believe that there is more that unites us than that which divides us?

What if each of us figured out one thing that we could do to make Bermuda a better place to live? 

And then, what if we did that thing?