As locals, we are engrossed in our daily routines. Possibly, you too are unable to find time to complete the never ending daily tasks on your to-do lists. What if it was easy to find someone else to help you take care of many of your tasks? Perhaps you want more time for your family and kids while managing the upkeep of your home and other responsibilities? This is where the Local Bermuda App comes in.

About the App

We connect you with professionals who can do the jobs you are not willing to do, or do not have time to do. Local professionals in their respective fields can take care of your needs with expertise. These professionals on our app will be easy for you to find because we connect the customer and the professional on one platform. All the professionals are required to submit to a background check. Additionally, they upload their certifications to the app (if applicable) to demonstrate their skill in their profession. After posting a job, you will receive quotes from different professionals and you can hire whom you please. To use the service, we charge a small service fee to the customer and to the service professional. Basically, that’s how it all works. It’s easy!

All You Need to Create More Time in Your Life

Putting it simply, Local Bermuda is a marketplace that connects locals together all over the island. the customer and the service provider together in one app. You can get help for many services such as: swimming lessons, junk removal, AC repair, glass repair, roof cleaning, and more! All you have to do is:
1. Register early to be the first to be notified

2. After receiving the announcement the app is live, download the app

3. Sign-up by email or Facebook

4. Select a service, write in your requirements, and tap submit.

You’ll receive in-app notifications and SMS when you’ve received a quote from a Local Pro. It is advisable that you book your services at least a few days in advance in order to allow time for you to evaluate the quotes received and get the job completed in your desired time-frame. You can scan through the quotes presented and select the one which you find reliable and genuine. While we require our Local Pros to submit their certifications and submit to a background check, we do not take part in the interactions between our customers and Local Pros. You can read our terms and conditions here.

Quality Before Quantity

We try our level best to ensure that we only provide quality Local Pros on your app who are genuine and can do your work efficiently. However, It is completely up to you to hire the person that you are comfortable with. We display profiles of the professional so that you can compare your options. So, you will always have the option to accept or decline a Local Pro’s quote. AS a best practice, we suggest you review the profile, certifications, and Local reviews. Submitting review can be burdensome. However, your reviews of completed jobs help other Local residents to learn from your experience. Your reviews also help to promote your favorite Pros.

We make communication easy and safer by providing an in-app chat feature. You can talk with the Local Pro and communicate what you expect from him/her without giving out your personal information. If the Local Pro has completed your job, but you are not satisfied, reach out to us through the app or our website to contact Customer Care. We are committed to our customers’ comfort so we are always ready to provide you with a friendly and hassle-free experience.

The Local Bermuda app is catered toward making our lives here easier while protecting your privacy. If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us any time!